Coord Users API Simulate account linking for testing

Coord - Simulate account linking for testing

Link a test user account to a system. This endpoint simulates the account linking flow outlined in `/user/current/link_account`. To link the test user's account with CitiBike, send: ``` { "system_id": "CitiBike", "linked_account": true } ``` On success, the response will be the same transactable system: ``` { "system_id": "CitiBike", "linked_account": true } ``` You can also unlink a system by setting `linked_account` to `false` instead. The full list of the user's current transactable systems can be found in the `transactable_systems` field when you call `GET /v1/users/user/current`. Not all systems require account linking to be transactable, and some systems require you to send additional information in order to connect to them. We will return a `400` if the user would not be able to link their account due to one of these reasons. ** Note that this method will not work for non-test users. **

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Coord is a mobility company that creates seamless mobility and self-driving experiences today through deep integrations. The company offers bike-share API, Curbs API, Tolls API, Routing API and etc.

Curl command through

curl -v "{streamdata_token}&access_key={field_value}"

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